Facilitating Free Legal Service Consultation for Ontarians Impacted by COVID-19

We are an emerging Ontario Lawyers for COVID-19 Network dedicated to supporting Ontarians impacted by COVID-19 during the evolving crisis.

Who We Are

As the COVID-19 Virus pandemic spreads so will the toll on Ontarians who are engaged in all sorts of activities; including frontline healthcare: doctors, nurses, nursing aides, paramedics, and so on.

We Inform

It has become evident that not all Ontarians have reasonable access to adequate legal services and support in navigation very important issues directly impact the evolving way of life during this pandemic crisis.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help these workers feel connected, supported, and to provide one-on-one free legal services consultation for those who need it.

If you are seeking legal services and support for legal matters related to all
aspects of your legal issues related to COVID-19, please…


Or give us a call at:

1-844-595-2571 ext. 400

If you are licensed lawyer with the Law Society of Ontario and are willing to provide
pro bono legal advice and or consultation (short-term, ongoing) tele-sessions, please…


We are facilitating connections between licensed lawyers with the Law Society of Ontario and Ontarians in need.

All sessions take place remotely in conjunction with electronic tele-Legal Legal Services guidelines.


Licensed Lawyers have currently
volunteered to provide services.